Fête galante. Only (17)80s kids remember this.
От якобитов, плейлист чьих песен я собираюсь выложить уже дней пять, тихонько перешла на песни войны за Независимость

Алфавит для мальчиков и девочек времен войны за Независимость, 1775

Очень подкупает попытка понимания, что приносит война обеим сторонам.

A, stands for Americans, who scorn to be slaves;
B, for Boston, where fortitude their freedom saves;
C, stands for Congress, which, though loyal, will be free;
D, stands for defence, 'gainst force and tyranny.
Stand firmly, A and Z,
We swear for ever to be free!
E, stands for evils, which a civil war must bring;
F, stands for fate, dreadful to both people and king;
G, stands for George, may God give him wisdom and
H, stands for hypocrite, who wears a double face.

J, stands for justice, which traitors in power defy,
K, stands for king, who should to such the axe apply;
L, stands for London, to its country ever true,
M, stands for Mansfield, who hath another view.

N, stands for North, who to the House the mandate brings,
O, stands for oaths, binding on subjects not on kings:
P, stands for people, who their freedom should defend,
Q, stands for quere, when will England's troubles end ?

R, stands for rebels, not at Boston but at home,
S, stands for Stuart, sent by Whigs abroad to roam,
T, stands for Tories, who may try to bring them back,
V, stands for villains, who have well deserved the rack.

W, stands for Wilkes, who us from warrants saved,
Y, for York, the New, half corrupted, half enslaved,
Z, stands for Zero, but means the Tory minions,
Who threatens us with fire and sword, to bias our opinions,

Stand firmly A and Z,
We swear, for ever to be free!

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2015-05-20 в 15:07 

Дизайнер кошачьих шапочек.

2015-05-20 в 15:17 

Fête galante. Only (17)80s kids remember this.
Киб, мне еще вот эта нравится:

Не спрашивай, отчего - вот нравится, и все. Особенно слова про:

We owe no allegiance, we bow to no throne,
Our ruler is law and the law is our own;
Our leaders themselves are our own fellow-men,
Who can handle the sword and the scythe and the pen

Мы никому не преданы и не кланяемся трону,
Наш правитель - закон, и закон этот наш.
Наши вожди - наши братья,
Кто умеет держать в руках и меч, и косу, и перо.

2015-05-20 в 15:24 

Дизайнер кошачьих шапочек.
Альфийские ценности))

2015-05-20 в 15:30 

Fête galante. Only (17)80s kids remember this.
Киб, а то ж ))

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