Fête galante. Only (17)80s kids remember this.
Оставляю взгляд индуса на касты и жизнь в Индии.
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ChaoS of ShadowS (15:45:20 15/05/2013) my friend wants to know about castes. We know that they were, but what happened to them?
Ran (15:49:56 15/05/2013) Caste system divided the society into 4 major sections.
Ran (15:51:51 15/05/2013) The highest level was the Priests (Brahmin) , second level was warriors (Kshatriyas) ...Kings belonged to this level, third level was businessmen and other workers, and fourth level was slaves
Ran (15:53:55 15/05/2013) Slaves were treated like Negroes, they had no rights at all
ChaoS of ShadowS (15:54:52 15/05/2013) I understand
Ran (15:55:30 15/05/2013) Always discriminated. They had no access to education, always isolated from society's other 3 level of people...not allowed to enter temple ,.....not allowed to enter the house of others. They couldn't take water from the common well of the village...
Ran (15:57:28 15/05/2013) Different sets of plates were kept for the slaves to eat
ChaoS of ShadowS (15:57:35 15/05/2013) is the sytem abolished now? or did it transform somehow?
Ran (15:57:50 15/05/2013) Yes...it doesn't exist anymore.
ChaoS of ShadowS (15:58:16 15/05/2013) wonderful! *DANCE*
Ran (15:58:36 15/05/2013) Someone whose great grandfather was a slave...can be a Doctor now...or be the President of the Country
Ran (15:58:48 15/05/2013) But.....
ChaoS of ShadowS (15:58:49 15/05/2013) how was it abolished?
Ran (15:59:46 15/05/2013) Through education and government reglations...it was abolished. But the mindset of people has not totally changed.
ChaoS of ShadowS (16:00:58 15/05/2013) in what way is it seen?
Ran (16:01:44 15/05/2013) You will not see caste system in day to day life. Nobody cares who belonged to which caste in the past. Now the backward castes are enjoying special status and the Government keeps certain percentage of jobs reserved for them....they are encouraged to get education by providing aid
Ran (16:02:49 15/05/2013) People do not discuss caste often. It is not visible. But when it is the question of marriage....everybody goes back 100 years and becomes primitive
ChaoS of ShadowS (16:03:18 15/05/2013) :-D what an unfair way!!
Ran (16:03:37 15/05/2013) Nobody wants to let their children marry someone from the slave caste...even if the guy is a well paid Engineer, Doctor or a Pilot
ChaoS of ShadowS (16:04:05 15/05/2013) and what the guy is to do?
Ran (16:04:31 15/05/2013) That guy or girl has to find someone from his own caste
Ran (16:05:16 15/05/2013) Or...they have to elope and get married against the wishes of the family. If they do....sometimes the couples even get killed
Ran (16:06:56 15/05/2013) People are still very primitive when it is the matter of marriage between two people of different castes.
Ran (16:07:57 15/05/2013) People cast vote during the elections based on the caste system and no matter how bad the politician from their own caste is...they would vote for him
Ran (16:08:45 15/05/2013) Caste is still in the blood and it would take another 50 years for total removal.

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